Who are we

Papas Oil JSC is a leading company in oilseed processing.

We select and promote the growth of the highest-quality grain and oilseed crops, which, after precise high-tech processing, are transformed into premium oils and feeds.

The products we offer on the market are of high quality because we have managed to create an environment for sustainable agricultural development of our suppliers, to implement the latest scientific achievements, to apply strict control at every stage of the technological process.


Sunflower oil

To produce our high-quality sunflower oil, we use only premium oilseed crops. We make our oil following high-tech processes, under strict control in modern plants all over Bulgaria.

Feed components

Choose the best feed for your animals. We at Papas offer high-quality granular sunflower meal of various protein content, free fatty acids and wheat bran, to meet your needs.


Try the high-quality flour of our subsidiary PapasMel EAD. It is completely natural and contains no additives or artificial improvers. We know that to make savory and wholesome baked goods, you need good products.

High-quality products from Bulgaria

Papas Oil JSC is a leading oilseed processing company in Bulgaria and a well-established leader in the trade in grain and oilseed crops in the Black Sea region.
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