Try the high-quality flour of our subsidiary PapasMel EAD. The enterprise stores, purchases, and processes high-quality wheat varieties, and produces several types of flour. They are completely natural and contain no additives or artificial improvers. We know that to make savory and wholesome baked goods, you need good products. Our priorities are product quality and client satisfaction.

Our flour is GMO-free. Its production and storage is in compliance with all directives of the Bulgarian and European legislation. Try PapasMel flour type 500, 700, 1150, 1850, and our wheat semolina.

Type 500 flour
The Zagorka traditional white flour from soft wheat is suitable for production of various types of bread, bakery, and confectionery. Available in bulk or in packages of 1, 5, 25 and 50 kg.

Type 700 flour
Dobrudzha flour for Dobrudzha bread production. Available in bulk or in 50 kg packages.

Type 1150 flour
Brown flour for production of low-calorie bread and bakery goods. It has a low glycemic index and a low energy value. When consumed by diabetics, it maintains stable blood sugar levels. It is also recommended for other diseases that require dieting. Available in 5 and 50 kg packages.

Type 1850 flour
Whole wheat flour richer in nutritional and bioactive substances than fine flour. The type 1850 flour has a high ash content of 1.85%. It is therefore darker in color, it contains vitamins from group B, minerals, and enzymes. It is a low-calorie flour for a wholesome and healthy diet. Available in 50 kg packages.

Wheat semolina
Environmentally-friendly product from high-quality wheat produced with advanced technology. Suitable for production of various types of baby food. Available in 1 kg packages.