We at Papas Oil JSC offer high-quality granular sunflower meal of various protein content, free fatty acids, wheat bran, and all types of grain for animal feed.

The feed components of Papas Oil do not contain chemical and physical impurities that are hazardous to the health or the environment. They are all produced under constant laboratory control from verified raw materials.

Sunflower meal
Sunflower is the main source of vegetable oil in our country, which also determines the crucial importance of the sunflower meal as a local protein feed for livestock breeding.
It is an extremely valuable feed ingredient for all animal and bird species, as well as for most compound feeds.

Fatty acids
This is a by-product obtained from refining sunflower oil.
Fatty acids are used as an additive in the production of feed, soaps, and for technical purposes.

Wheat bran
Wheat bran is waste from grinding wheat. It is mainly used as feed for animals.

Sunflower husk pellets
They are produced by pressing under high pressure. Characterized by high calorific value, low ash content, and a density of over 600 kg/m3.

The remarkable density and low moisture content allows them to burn very efficiently.

Unlike other types of solid fuel, they are user-friendly and the ash residue is minimal, allowing complete automation of the combustion process.