The subsidiary company PapasMel EAD is producing high-quality natural flour and wheat bran, without adding artificial improvers.

The mill is located in the town of Byala Slatina and offers wheat flour:

  • Type 500
    Zagorka white flour from soft wheat for production of various kinds of goods.
  • Type 700
    Dobrudzha flour for Dobrudzha bread production.
  • Type 1150
    Brown flour for production of low-calorie bread and bakery goods.
  • Type 1850
    Whole wheat flour richer in nutritional and bioactive substances than fine flour.
  • Wheat semolina
    Environmentally-friendly product from high-quality wheat, suitable for production of baby foods.

The products are completely natural, GMO-free, and do not contain additives, enzymes, artificial improvers and preservatives. Their production and storage is in compliance with all directives of the Bulgarian and European legislation.

The waste product is bran which is used in the feed industry or to feed domestic animals.

The plant has a laboratory with advanced equipment and qualified specialists.

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